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Foreword of the 2016 Annual Report by Francisco A. Diaz Lison – CEO

The momentum triggered by the Foundation’s Presidency, putting accent on results and transparency of each of our projects, is reflected in actions supported this year in the fields of Education, Research, Health and Culture.

Scholarship programs remain the most widespread means of facilitating access to education and knowledge while helping the poorest to better prepare their futures.

Ambitious projects such as the Mambakkam High School in Tamil Nadu, India, or the Cuomo Cardio-Pediatric Center (CCPC) in Dakar, have successfully been undertaken and are ready to welcome thousands of young people in search of knowledge and medical care.

The support for individual initiatives has always been a main driving force for our Foundation, ​​allowing the needy to possess greater autonomy and to gain control over their own destiny.

Beyond the financial support given, our partners around the wrold see their projects bloom thanks also to an active role played by the Foundation in the area of strategisation of the projects. Such partnerships are already in full motion in Burkina Faso, in the region of Gorom-Gorom and TiébéléIn Cuba, our new partnership with the University of Las Tunas and the Ministry of Higher Education is now virtually sealed.

On our various digital channels, we offer our readers the opportunity to see where and how the Foundation’s resources are used. For that matter, we dedicate a special web portal to statistics. Transparency and accountability are two of our main areas of development.

The use of social networks also allows us to keep our “followers” informed so that we remain attentive to any suggestions or questions that may arise within one of the many subjects we took into account in 2016.

Going through the pages of this report will make you traverse a great variety of situations and you’ll see that, throughout the world, there are many people of goodwill who work hard each day to make the world a better place.

This report is an invitation to discover them!

Francisco A. Diaz Lison - General Manager - Cuomo Foundation

Francisco A. Diaz Lison
General Director

Foreword of The Annual Report, June 2017